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We also offer a variety of services , including book club membership , book recommendations, and more.

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About Us

Bauer Books is a family- owned, independent bookshop in Perth, Western Australia. We have been trading since 2010 and are located in the heart of the city, on the ground floor of the historic London Court.

We carry a wide range of books, both new and second-hand, across all genres, with a particular focus on Australian and international fiction , history , politics, and current affairs. Our knowledgeable and passionate staff are always on hand to offer recommendations and help you find the perfect book.

We also host regular events in-store, including author signings, book clubs, and children’s story time. Bauer Books is a vibrant and vital part of the Perth cultural scene, and we warmly welcome everyone to come and explore our store.

What makes you passionate about customer service?

There are a lot of things that can make someone passionate about customer service. For some, it might be the satisfaction of helping others and making them happy. For others, it might be the challenge of problem-solving and finding creative solutions. And for others still, it might be the opportunity to build relationships with people from all walks of life.

Whatever the reason, passion is essential for anyone who wants to excel in customer service. Without it, it’s all too easy to become bogged down in the day-to-day grind and lose sight of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Passion keeps you motivated and inspired, and it’s what will help you continue to grow and develop in your role.

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If this sounds like you, then you’re already well on your way to being a great customer service professional. Passion is the foundation upon which all great customer service is built, so if you’ve got it, you’re off to a great start!

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You can offer the best service to your customers by always putting their needs first. Anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. Be available to them 24/7 and make sure that your team is always ready to help. Constantly strive to improve your service and stay ahead of the competition.

What should we strive to give our customers every time?

At our company, we strive to give our customers the best possible experience every time. We want them to feel valued and appreciated, and we work hard to ensure that they always receive the highest level of service. We believe that this commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from other companies, and it is what keeps our customers coming back to us time after time.

Why Stainless Steel Kitchen Benchtops Are a Wise Investment

Stainless steel kitchen benchtops are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens, and for good reason. Not only do they look sleek and modern, but they also offer a range of benefits that make them a wise investment for homeowners.¬†If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting kitchen surface, stainless steel kitchen benchtop is a great option. Not only are these surfaces resistant to corrosion, but they also look great and are easy to clean. Plus, they’re a cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen. Definition of stainless steel kitchen benchtops Stainless steel kitchen benchtops are a wise investment for a few reasons. First, stainless steel is a durable material that will last longer than other k...

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The Ireland flag, also known as the Irish tricolour, is a symbol of the nation’s rich history and culture. With its distinctive green, white, and orange colours, the flag has come to represent Irish identity and unity. In this article, we will explore the history and symbolism of the Ireland flag, from its early beginnings to its current use. visit https://customflagsaustralia.com.au/product/ireland-flag/ to learn more Key Takeaways: The Ireland flag is a tricolour of green, white, and orange that represents Irish identity and unity. The green represents the Irish nationalist tradition, the orange represents the Irish unionist tradition, and the white represents peace and unity between the two communities. Th...

Tile and Grout Cleaning Brisbane: Why is Tile and Grout Cleaning Important?

Tile and grout cleaning is an important part of maintaining a healthy and hygienic home. In Brisbane, tile and grout cleaning is especially important due to the humid climate and the high levels of moisture in the air. Regular tile and grout cleaning can help to prevent the buildup of dirt, grime, and bacteria, which can lead to health problems and damage to your home. By investing in professional tile and grout cleaning services in Brisbane, you can ensure that your home is kept clean and healthy. This article will discuss the importance of tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane and the benefits of hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning service. Check out www.tilegrout-cleaning.com.au/brisbane...

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Are you looking for a way to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and effectively? Aircon Cleaning Townsville can help! Professional aircon cleaning is an important part of maintaining your air conditioner and ensuring it runs at its best. Not only does it help to keep your air conditioner running smoothly, but it can also help to reduce your energy bills and improve the air quality in your home. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of professionally cleaning your air conditioner and why it’s important to have it done regularly. Check out the air conditioning cleaning website in Townsville today to learn more! Why is Air Conditioner Cleaning Important? Air conditioner cleaning is a...

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When it comes to air conditioning cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. In this ultimate guide, we will show you how to maintain your air conditioners so that they stay in top condition for years to come. First and foremost, it is important to have a regular cleaning schedule for your air conditioners. This will ensure that dirt and dust are removed from the coils and other parts of the unit on a regular basis. In addition, you should also make sure to have your air conditioners serviced by a professional at least once a year. This will help to ensure that the units are running at their peak efficiency and that any potential problems are caught early on. Check out air conditioning cleani...

4 Reasons Why You Need Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning

Like most people, you’re probably not too thrilled about the idea of having your home cleaned. But if you’ve ever had tile or grout cleaning done by a professional contractor, you know it’s a critical and time-sensitive task. Here are some reasons why professional tile and grout cleaning is so important: Tiles and grout can quickly become dirty and stained. Unclean tiles and grout can cause health concerns, such as water contamination and bacterial growth. Tiles and grout that are improperly cleaned can develop aesthetic problems, including staining, discoloration, and moss growth. Improperly cleaned tiles and grout can also lead to safety risks, such as slips and falls. If you’re ready to get your home clean and free from unsightly marks and dangerous risks, ...

6 Reasons Why Cross Back Chairs Are The Perfect Chair

There are many factors to consider when it comes to finding the perfect chair. But if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable chair, you can’t go wrong with a cross back chair. Check out https://chairforce.co.nz/product/provincial-crossback-chair-rattan-seat/ to learn more. Here are six reasons why cross-back chairs are the perfect chair: They’re Incredibly Comfortable¬†– One of the best things about cross-back chairs is incredibly comfortable. The curved backrest supports your back, while the seat is padded for extra comfort. You’ll be able to sit in this chair for hours without discomfort. They’re Stylish – Cross-back chairs are also very stylish. They ...

Choosing The Right Kitchen Counter Stools You Need

Do you need kitchen counter stools to fit your individual needs and wants? The wide range of contemporary kitchen stool brands can vary, so choosing the right one is important. There are a few things you should take into consideration when narrowing down your choices: Your preferred height and width of the stool The materials the stool is made of The style of the stool Whether or not the stool will be used mainly indoors or outdoors When choosing kitchen counter stools, keep these factors in mind to help you find the perfect option for your home. for more information visit the kitchen counter stools website today to learn more.   How High Are Counter Stools? Regard...

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When choosing the perfect cafe chair for your space, there are a few things you need to consider. First, think about the overall style of your cafe. Are you going for a more modern look or a more traditional feel? This will help you narrow down your choices regarding choosing the right chair. Next, think about the function of the chair. Do you need a chair that is comfortable for customers to sit in for long periods? Or do you need a chair more for looks and won’t be used as much? This will help you further narrow down your choices. Finally, think about your budget. How much are you willing to spend on cafe chairs? This will help you decide and choose the perfect chair for your space. ...

How Much Does It Cost For Floor Sanding In Gold Coast?

It is not easy to estimate the cost of floor sanding in Gold Coast Queensland, Australia, because there are many variables to consider. The type of floor, the floor’s condition, the room’s size, and the number of rooms all play a role in the final cost. The type of floor is the most critical factor in determining the cost of floor sanding on Gold Coast. There are three types of foundations: hardwood, engineered, and laminate. Hardwood floors are the most expensive to sand, followed by engineered floors. Laminate floors are the least costly to sand. The condition of the floor is also a significant factor in the cost of floor sanding in Gold Coast QLD 4211. If the floor is in good condition, sanding will take less time and is less expensive. If the floor is in poor condition, ...

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Christmas hampers are a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. They can be filled with anything from food and drink to clothes and toys. Christmas hampers are a popular gift in Perth, WA. Visit Perth’s Christmas hampers website today to learn more. Here are some ideas for what to put in your Christmas hamper: Food and drink: Christmas hampers are often filled with festive food and drink. Consider your loved one’s favourite things to eat and drink and include them in the hamper. Christmas cookies, cakes, and candies make great additions to any hamper. You could also have a festive bottle of wine or Champagne. Clothes: If you know your loved one needs some new clothes, why not include them in the hamper? You could have a new pair of pyjamas, a cozy sweater, or a ...